I am planning to stay on Mallorca from 27th December 2015 to 3rd January 2016.
I will be active on SSB 70MHz, MS + HF 160-10m as EA6 / SP7VC.
We are staying in Pollenca, locator JM19LV.
We are also planning a short trip by ferry to the neighbouring Menorca where there is an intersection of four locators JN10, JN20, JM19, JM29 and half-day MS activity on 4m.

Our equipment:
FT847 + PA GU-200, beveled verticale 160-80-40m + vertical 40-10m, 4EL-Yagi 4m

Hope to hear you soon,

Przemek SP7VC

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Hello fans of bands 50 and 70MHz,

Just like last year, I plan a trip to the south of Europe (YO, LZ, SV,) during the Perseids.
I can activate several sought locators.

I will operate: SSB ,CW,FSK, JT6M

This is a map and dates of my activities from particular locators.


01.08- KN37DP
02.08- KN27XP,KN38DA
03.03-KN15XD or KN25AD
04.08- KN14XX or KN24AX

09.08- KN43AI

10.08-12.08- KN21KE,KN31DA,KN30CW?
13.08- KN10LP

My equipment:

FT-847 , 5&5 El.Yagi 4&6m by YU7EF , 4EL.Yagi 4m+ vertical 40-10m

Caribbean Tour 2015

From 24 January to 14 of February 2015 we will be sailing in the area of the Caribbean.

Our team, in which are SP7VC, SQ7OYL, SP3IPB, SP7TF, SP3CFM and K2RPFex.SP8NFE will be active from several islands on Carribean Sea.
This is our schedule:
Martynika NA-107 as FM/SP7VC,FM/SP7TF 24.01-26.01.2015
St.Lucia NA-108 as J6/Homecalls between 27.01-03.02.2015
St.Vincent NA-109 as J8/Homecalls between 04-05.02.2015
Grenada NA-024 as J3/Homecalls between 06-07.02.2015
Carriccou NA-147 as J3/Homecalls between 07-08.02.2015
Union NA-025 as J8/Homecalls between 08-09.02.2015
Martynika NA-107 as FM/Homecalls between 13-14.02.2015
We are planning to sail around FM, J6, J8, J3, so you may call our work “holiday style”.
Our equipment consists of TS-590, FT-847, FT-857 +3 PA Amplifaier-500W, Antenas: inv-L for 80-160m, 2phased vertical 160-80-40m, HexBeam SP7IDX Technology, VDA antenas, verticals R-7000, Digital modems.
We are planning to work on SSB, CW and digital modes.

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